Current Exchange Rates on Monday, May 27: How Did the Dollar and Euro Begin the Week?

Foreign exchange prices garnered considerable attention on the first trading day of the week, particularly among investors, business people, and savers. As the dollar and euro rates influence the pricing of numerous goods and services in Turkiye, their fluctuations hold significant implications.

Every day, dollar and euro prices remain among the most scrutinized topics due to their pivotal role in determining the costs of various products and services, shaped by foreign exchange dynamics in Turkiye.

So, how did the dollar kick off the week on Monday, May 27th?

At 09:00, the dollar, purchased at ₺32.2210 in the free market, was being sold at 32.2230 lira.

Similarly, the euro, bought at ₺34.9610, was being sold at ₺34.9630.

Comparatively, on Friday, the dollar was sold at ₺32.2280, while the euro was priced at ₺34.9600.

Source: / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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