Delivery management platform Carrtell received an investment over ₺50 million valuation in the bridge round

Carrtell, which provides solutions to the cargo and delivery problems of SMEs, closed its second investment round in 2022 by increasing its valuation to ₺50 million. Carrtell, which aims to increase its share in the sector and become one of the biggest solution partners of SMEs with the continued investment it has received, announced that it will expand its technology team and delivery alternatives with this investment.

Carrtell, which closed its last investment round in 2022 under the leadership of 4Minds Capital, Mustafa Yasar and Naci Kahraman, plans to minimize the human resources of SMEs in cargo and delivery issues and to offer technological solutions to all SMEs in 2023. Aiming to eliminate the cargo problems faced by businesses in cargo and delivery, Carrtell continues to inspire new ventures and entrepreneurs with its story that started with ₺0 in 2020.

Launching its first product in August 2020, Carrtell provides effective solutions to the problems faced by SMEs with traditional cargo companies, with its delivery management product launched in June 2022. The startup, which has been used by more than 200 brands to date, is expected to reduce the logistics costs of businesses by 15% to 20% in the coming years. It is predicted that Carrtell, which provides sustainable, cost-effective and high-quality service to all businesses, will be preferred by many more brands in the coming years.

Batuhan Tosunoglu, CEO and co-founder of Carrtell, which eliminates the need for technical personnel and thus brings the costs to reasonable levels, said, “We tested our delivery management product with more than 200 brands from 15 different sectors. We focus on understanding the logistics needs of SMEs in depth and continue to develop our software that provides solutions to our customers’ problems in their cargo processes. Thanks to the developments and strategic partnerships we have made in the last 6 months, we have had the opportunity to try our software in 81 provinces and in many different sectors, and we have completely solved the delivery problems. Thanks to Carrtell, businesses are able to offer their customers different services such as same-day delivery, next-day delivery, standard delivery, door-to-door return, product exchange at the door with a single integration and fully meet the needs of their customers. In this way, we play an important role in increasing the sales of businesses.”

The software, which meets the logistics needs of SMEs in micro-exports with the partnership of Freight, will also implement delivery options to 130 countries of the world in 2023.

Problems Between SMEs, Logistics Companies and End Users Become History

Evaluating the second investment round, the Carrtell team said, “There is an inefficient relationship between SMEs, end consumers and logistics companies. We enable Carrtell small and medium-sized businesses to send their cargo at very reasonable prices and with the least risk. In the meantime, we effectively use our door-to-door delivery power, eliminating the need to go to the cargo agency. The products are taken directly from the warehouse of the enterprises and sent to the address of the end consumer. This provides a great advantage for both the seller and the customer.”

“We Respond to Different Needs from Different Sectors”

Erem Cem Yalinkiliclar, one of the founding partners of Carrtell, stated that they will develop their technologies in 2023 in a way that they can quickly manage millions of shipments and be used easily by businesses as if they were ordering food. He added, “SMEs selling B2B and B2C products work with us for a transparent and smooth delivery experience.” Yalinkiliclar stated that they provide a wide range of services from cosmetics to wholesale food industry, from textiles to souvenirs, from pet products to storage companies. “Our focus is to ensure that SMEs can manage all their delivery needs from a single point and provide a seamless experience to end consumers.” Yalinkiliclar stated that with the solutions they developed, they eliminated many contract risks and prevented the tiring processes and financial problems that SMEs had with cargo companies. Erem Cem Yalinkiliclar, who stated that this way, the service costs of the enterprises decreased and the service quality increased, said, “Carrtell will be the bridge that makes the inefficient relationship between businesses, cargo companies, e-commerce infrastructures and customers productive.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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