Delivra Health Brands Launches Dream Water in UAE as Part of Middle East Expansion

Delivra Health Brands Inc. is expanding its reach in the Middle East, working with its partner in the region to bring its Dream Water product to pharmacies across the United Arab Emirates.

In a recent interview with Proactive, CEO Gord Davey shared insights into the company’s strategic move to enter the country amid rising demand for sleep aids.

Gord Davey: It was a wonderful trip over to the UAE, where we are working with one of our current partners, that we are expanding our territories throughout the Middle East. And it’s one of the things that we told our shareholders that we would do is to continue our expansion of our brands. We were fortunate to work with our partners out of Saudi Arabia and now we have opened up the UAE region. I spent some time in Dubai last week, with our first order and, watching the first truckload come in and, get delivered to the first customer. So, it was a very, very good trip.

Why Dubai and the UAE?

That’s a great question. It’s an expansion with our partners out of our Middle East-Saudi Arabia area. We have a tremendous partner over there and the expansion of Dream Water continues to grow exponentially in the Middle East. We have it registered as a drug product and we are in all of the pharmacies throughout Saudi Arabia. Now it will be in the pharmacies throughout the UAE as well. So it’s a growing product, our Dream Water brand, in the Middle East and we continue to grow in territories over there.

Did you face any challenges moving into that market due to regulations in the Middle East, or has it been seamless?

No, that’s again something that we’ve really had to work on. This is a culmination of great efforts over the past nine months to get registered in this area. It does take a lot of time to get everything, approved and registered through the proper regulatory channels.The good thing about it is that we have a tremendous partner over there that knows how to work through these things. It’s a combination of the last nine months and we’re very fortunate to now be able to deliver in the UAE.

Tell us about the potential you’re seeing in that market and the size of the potential market.

Again, it’s an expansion of what we’re currently doing. All over the world, there are issues with people having the ability to get a good night’s sleep, and Dream Water has really caught on to the marketplace over there. The pharmacists inside the pharmacies, they recommend our Dream Water product to those who are having a hard time sleeping. In the UAE, the population is growing exponentially there as well. What a wonderful area to continue to grow our brand.

As you go global, which other territories are you looking at? Are you able to tell us?

We are working through regulatory pieces on that. What I can say is that there will be definite expansion in the Middle East as well. We’ll continue to grow and add countries and territories in that region. I can’t say anything until we have all the regulatory pieces done. But you can rest assured that we continue to grow globally.

Source: proactiveinvestors

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