“Diamond” award for the second time to IsteGelsin

IsteGelsin Deputy General Manager for Operations Bulent Velioglu said, “This award, which we have received for the last 2 years in a row, shows that our efforts are rewarded and motivates us to continue this success.”

Offering a new generation grocery experience, online supermarket IsteGelsin won the ‘Diamond’ award in the ‘Market Shopping Applications’ category for the second time in a row at the 8th A.C.E Awards (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Excellent Customer Satisfaction Achievement Awards organized by Sikayetvar.

Bulent Velioglu, Assistant General Manager for Operations of IsteGelsin, whose views were given in the company statement, stated that as IsteGelsin, they are happy and proud to have won this meaningful award 2 years in a row.

Velioglu, who thanked all his colleagues who contributed, said:

“Behind this success lies the commitment to the principles set forth, a serious operation process, a good analysis of our customers’ demands and expectations, dedicated teamwork, solution-oriented service approach and the value we give to our customers. Perfect customer satisfaction has always been our top priority since the day we started, and we have achieved this by holding on to our three principles. We offer discounts on every product every day. We deliver orders on time and completely. Last year, we delivered 98% of the orders to our customers’ doorsteps in full and 95% on time.

Finally, we have developed a perfect cold chain management so that the products can be delivered in the freshest and healthiest way possible. By focusing on these three specialties, we aim to take our customer satisfaction to higher levels and to perfect the next generation market experience. This award, which we have received two years in a row, shows that our efforts are rewarded and motivates us to continue this success afterwards. We would like to thank all our users for choosing IsteGelsin.’

According to the result of the Customer Experience Index research, which is based on more than 1.5 million annual survey data, 113 brands from 60 different sectors were awarded. In the evaluation made on the criteria of complaint rate, response speed, speed of resolution, satisfaction level, rate of appreciation and rate of preference for the brand, IsteGelsin won the ‘Diamond’ award, which is the biggest award in the ‘Market Shopping Applications’ category, for the second time.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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