Digital logistics startup Hubtic receives $1.3 million seed investment

Hubtic, the digital logistics startup founded by Abdullah Cansu in Dusseldorf and started its operations in 2021, received an investment of $1.3 million in the seed investment round. Hubtic plans to expand its international transportation operations, especially in Europe, after the investment round.

Adding value to international transportation services with the digital solutions it has developed, Hubtic has completed its seed investment round. The family office of the founders of Kloepfel Consulting, one of Europe’s largest supply chain operation and purchasing consultancy companies, Bilisim Vadisi GSYF, APY Ventures and angel investors participated in the investment tour.

Abdullah Cansu: “The goal is to grow even more in Europe”

Expressing that they will expand their transportation networks in Europe with the power they get from the investment, Hubtic CEO Abdullah Cansu said, “In 2022, we managed to increase our revenue 6 times on a Euro basis compared to the previous year. This year, our agenda includes continuing this growth, investing in our technology and expanding our current operations in Europe. Currently, 30% of our income comes from abroad. We aim to increase this rate to over 50% by the end of the year. In this direction, we are expanding our supplier network in Europe and increasing the regions we serve in intra-European transportation.” Stating that there is an efficient operation center at the center of their processes, Cansu said, “Another goal is to minimize the inefficiency in logistics processes with the technological infrastructure we have developed and to serve the whole world with our operation team we established in Turkiye. We would like to thank our business partners, customers and investors who believed in us on this journey.”

“Our customers save cost and time”

Emphasizing that they are a new generation logistics initiative that is dynamic and takes innovation at its center, Cansu continued as follows; “We make a difference with our software-supported applications that we have commissioned on the side of transparency, speed and reliability in the logistics sector, which largely proceeds with traditional methods. We enable our customers to manage their logistics processes end-to-end from a single platform, with services such as instant pricing, 24/7 location tracking, cloud-based documentation service and online reporting developed by our software team. With the help of our application, we allow them to optimize their supply chain, while saving cost and time.”

Efe Duran Sarikaya: “Hubtic will make a difference in the market”

Efe Duran Sarikaya, the Founder of Kloepfel Consulting, one of the largest companies in Europe in purchasing consultancy and supply chain management, said the following about the investment process; “The logistics sector is a sector that is constantly accelerating and growing with the expansion of trade. The use of traditional methods, on the other hand, makes the startups that can benefit from new technologies effectively and integrate it easily into the business processes of industry players. The increase in the trade volume between Turkiye and Europe also shows that there is an opportunity in this field. I believe that Hubtic’s strategy that focuses on transformation and efficiency, which creates value with the digital services it offers in the field of international transportation, will make a difference in the market.”

Mustafa Keceli: “Those who catch the digitalization trend will get the biggest share in logistics”

APY Ventures Manager Mustafa Keceli said, “The companies that will take the biggest market share in the logistics sector in the short term will be the ones that catch the digitalization trend from the very beginning. Accordingly, we are very pleased to be part of the investment tour of Hubtic, which has successfully expanded its logistics operations in Germany and Turkiye. Hubtic is the twentieth investment of our Informatics Valley Fund, where we invest in successful business models as well as deep technology businesses. As APY Ventures, we will continue to contribute to the ecosystem in 2023 with our different funds.”

10 thousand successful transports

Hubtic, which started its operations in 2021 by moving its operation center to Istanbul, has carried out transportation in more than 50 countries in the field of international transportation. A digital logistics startup that has accomplished 10 thousand successful shipments with a customer portfolio of more than 170; With its wide supplier network of 4 thousand vehicles on more than 80 routes, it provides services in various types of transportation, including road, sea, air and intermodal.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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