Digitizing the Activity Industry for Children: Hipokid

The Hipokid startup offers a digital marketplace experience for kids. Evren Buyuk Kepkep stated: “For a startup, this situation brings with it a serious investment need. We are trying to optimize this with B2B, that is, corporate collaborations. Thanks to our collaborations with institutions such as Hopi, ZUBIZU, Metlife, Isbank and the children’s festivals we participated in, we started to reach more parents. Our primary goal now is to continue to grow. Our platform is currently in the MVP phase, which meets our needs.”

Details About Hypokid

Hippokid is a digital marketplace that brings together families looking for activities for their children and brands that do these activities.

Kepkep explains this experience as follows: “Based on my career background and the need I identified in the children’s activities sector, I established the platform, which enables the discovery of children’s activities more effortlessly. Families are trying to find the activity they are looking for for their child from very scattered and insufficient information sources such as social media channels and mother groups.

And in the end, she either gives up, either the children spend time in shopping malls or in front of the screen, or by doing the easiest way, all the girls want to be ballerinas and all the boys want to be basketball players. ensures that the search for children’s activities, which takes hours, sometimes even days, is completed in minutes. Families can filter and list the activities according to their wishes and create a record with their card instantly. Thus, our platform offers an end-to-end digital experience. After that, the only thing left to the family is to go and enjoy the activity.

“We started serving in October 2021. As a platform, we shook hands by partnering with nearly 100 brands. Our business partners include both corporate and individual brands. We have offered approximately 6 thousand activity quotas of these brands for sale on our website. Currently, more than three thousand families discover the activities they seek for their children from Hipokid. As a startup that has left one year behind, we will also invest more in our platform. The development of the mobile application will also be one of the important steps in our roadmap.“

Source: Startupteknoloji / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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