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DISSIAD: 2021 goal in the oral&dental health sector is $800 million

DISSIAD President Ucar stated that they anticipate a 20% growth in 2021 in the Turkish Oral and Dental Health Sector, “We anticipate that we will close the year 2021 with a transaction volume of $800 million.”

Erkan Ucar, President of the Association of Dental Materials Industrialists and Businessmen (DISSIAD), told AA correspondent that the sector experienced a 3-month shutdown last year due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) and the oral dental sector, as well as many other sectors, was adversely affected by the epidemic.

Stating that the effects of Covid-19 on the oral and dental health sector continue by decreasing, not increasing, Ucar said, “The private sector continues to work gradually in the pandemic since July, albeit at a low tone, so as not to risk the health of the public and the health of employees.”

Pointing out that the cash flows in the sector were disrupted due to the epidemic, Ucar said, “Not being able to work for a certain period, gradually starting to work gradually. On the other hand, we had public receivables there, because of both not working and the pandemic, there were some developments in the balance of payments against us.”

Ucar stated that despite the negativities and difficulties that arose with the epidemic, they anticipated 20% growth in the sector for 2021, “We anticipate that we will close the year 2021 with a transaction volume of $800 million.”

Noting that the transaction volume in the oral and dental health sector did not disappear in crises such as epidemics, Ucar said, “We have a goal to enter 2023. We expect the transaction volume to reach $1 billion in 2023.”

Ucar emphasized that the efforts to increase the localization rate in the sector are continuing and said:

“There was a process about our localization rate from 5% to 25% that we started to measure. This is still continuing. We are currently working on how to achieve the positive effects of the pandemic. Prices have increased due to this pause, here we are trying to make a result in our favor. As DISSIAD, we have been involved in certain studies. We have provided the world dental reports in recent months, they are currently being reviewed by the team. What is the status of the world oral health market? What changes will happen after the pandemic? Apart from these, we are working with a few private research companies in our country. “

Noting that more than 50% of the implant market in Turkey is local, Ucar said, “Turkey is very ahead in the field of dental implants. Besides, production has started in the field of endodontics and restorative. There are serious investments in our country. We will export them first to the domestic market and then to foreign markets.”

Ucar stated that they are preparing for a dental museum in Istanbul and made the following assessment:

“There are 7 in the world, this will be the eighth. We build on the interest of the public in oral and dental health. Here, we are actually doing these to show how far our country has progressed in oral and dental health and medical devices. On the one hand, we take our producers to other fairs, but in fact, we want to bring buyers from all over the world to our country, we want to draw attention.

If we can draw attention to this, we think that if we can bring them together with our producers, we will increase our production potential quickly. On the one hand, we work with the Ministry of Health, in fact, there is pandemic and commercial realities. There are protocols that medical device products must provide, such as the CE norm. Now a changing CE norm is blowing in the world. In the field of medical devices, we work with the Ministry of Health in order to protect the CEs of our manufacturers and to add new CE protocols to develop products. What is the importance of this? If the Far Eastern producers cannot provide this (which will be forced in the new CE norms), we see the possibility to come to the fore in a few years. There is serious potential here.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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