DogGO Secures ₺10 Million Investment in Second Crowdfunding Round

DogGO, a leading pet services platform, has successfully concluded its second investment round through Startup Burada, one of the premier share-based crowdfunding platforms. The company, aspiring to establish itself as the Super App of the pet industry, secured an impressive investment of ₺10 million during its second crowdfunding campaign.

With ambitions to expand its footprint into international markets, DogGO has achieved significant milestones in its growth trajectory. Following its initial crowdfunding campaign through Startup Burada in December 2022, where it secured ₺5.4 million based on a valuation of ₺44 million, DogGO further solidified its position in the market. In April 2024, the company reached a valuation of ₺140 million, culminating in a successful crowdfunding campaign that garnered ₺10,063,616 in investment, offering investors a 7.2% stake in the company.

The capital raised will be instrumental in expanding DogGO’s service offerings and facilitating its entry into foreign markets. With aspirations to become the go-to destination for pet owners worldwide, DogGO is steadfast in its mission to become the Super App of the pet world.

Mehmet Oğul Gürsoy, Founding Partner and CEO of DogGO, commented on the achievement:

“As DogGO, we have successfully completed our 2nd Round Crowdfunding. The total size of the fund reached ₺10,063,616 and in this process, 224 investors showed their trust in DogGO. I would like to thank all our investors. I would like to express my gratitude to the Startup Burada family, with whom we carried out this process, for their contributions. We continue to grow steadily. We currently have more than 15 thousand trained caregivers on our platform. To date, we have provided over 400 thousand successful services and achieved 98.2% customer satisfaction based on the feedback of DogGO’s users. More than 250 thousand users and tens of thousands of pet profiles are registered in our application. We also make agreements with corporate companies for their employees or users, ensuring that all pet families can benefit from DogGO in times of need. With the funding from the second investment round, we will continue to work quickly towards becoming a Super App that will meet all the needs of pet owners.”

Kerem Özten, Investment Committee Member at Startup Burada, shared his thoughts:

“As Startup Burada, it is extremely important for us to accompany the growth journey of startups. We have been accompanying the growth journey of DogGO, the first and only platform in the world that brings together trained walkers and caregivers with pet owners through a transparent tracking process, since 2022. In the 2nd Round Crowdfunding Campaign, DogGO was met with great interest by investors and the targeted investment amount was reached. We are happy to contribute to the success story of this unique and innovative initiative.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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