Domestic digital logistics platform Kamion received a seed investment of $2 million

The digital logistics platform Kamion is taking firm steps towards achieving its goals by closing its $2 million seed investment round.

Standing out with an average of 8 times growth in turnover in 2022, modern transportation business organizer Kamion is taking firm steps forward to gain a place in the global market with a seed investment of $2 million. We shared with you that the domestic startup had previously received an investment of ₺8.5 million from Y Combinator.

Berkay Adlim, Founder of Kamion, a new generation transport business organizer that brings the right truck, the right load, at the right time, among its investors are Y Combinator, one of the leading technology funds of Silicon Valley, Soma Capital, Cathexis Ventures and one of the most important players of the Turkish ecosystem, Logo Ventures said: “I am indescribable for the fact that we have received significant investments one after the other and that our work has been appreciated. I would like to thank all my teammates and stakeholders who contributed to this sustainable success. We have completed this investment tour with our strategic investors, both highly prestigious in the international arena and valuable in the local market. The belief of our investors in the potential of our country and their claim to carry us higher in the ecosystem once again made us very proud. We continue our efforts without slowing down in order to reach our goal of being among the top 5 transportation platforms on the basis of turnover in the global market in the medium-long term. With the investments we have made, we will continue to work with all our strength towards our goals of providing efficient and sustainable operations to our customers in every part of Turkiye in the short term, and reducing the inefficient business processes of our customers in the global ecosystem in the medium term.”

Logo Ventures Fund Co-Founder Merve Zabci made a statement: “As Logo Ventures, we have identified the logistics industry as one of the sectors that are most open to development in terms of digitalization on a global scale. The Turkish market is also very important with its strategic location and size. Due to the highly fragmented market, we believe that Kamion’s platform, which combines loaders and carriers with the help of technology, has enormous potential. We believe that together with Kamion, we will make important breakthroughs in this sector in the coming period.”

Customer satisfaction always comes first

Always prioritizing customer satisfaction, Kamion is based on providing high-performance service to its customers with reliable freight forwarders at reasonable prices. Forwarding partners, on the other hand, are committed to on-time payments, light loads and low waiting times. Gaining efficiency with the technological infrastructure built on these foundations, Kamion has the chance to reflect the efficiency gained by using software and data analytics to its stakeholders on the platform. In addition, thanks to the Kamion mobile application, there is no need to go to freight garages and spend time and gas.

Adding that the shipping business partners are very satisfied with the product and that the carriers want to keep up with the digitalizing world with the increase in the use of smartphones, Adlim aims to include the carriers in Turkiye in its ecosystem at a high rate in 2023. Adlim says that having reliable business partners has a great role in providing fast and flexible solutions to their customers with a high vehicle supply rate, even during peak shipping periods. He also stated that they are working on serious collaborations in order to provide additional supports such as diesel, insurance and spare parts that make their lives easier by aiming to continuously improve the service they provide to their shipping business partners.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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