Domestic e-commerce analytics platform Mindsite received an investment of $1.9 million

Mindsite, which aims to make the decisions made by brands in e-commerce focused on insight, received an investment of $1.9 million.

Mindsite, the e-commerce analytics platform, received an investment of $1.9 million under the leadership of Maxis Innovative Fund, the main investor of Isbank.

Future Impact Fund, Technology Investment under TTGV, Technology and Innovation Fund under the Turkish Development Fund, Leap Investment and Finberg, as well as Utku Oz, Erdinc Guven, Semih Gokmen, Emre Acikel and Omer Erkmen individually participated in the investment tour.

Mindsite, which received its first investment under the leadership of the Maxis Innovative Fund in 2021, continued to receive the support of the first-round investors in this investment round, as well as the leading corporate venture capital investors of our country. Another feature of the investment tour was the participation of company employees, close environment and family members and the founding partners of the company in the investment tour.

Founded in 2019 by Ali Goksu Ozkan, Hakan Utku Ozdemir and Ismail Arapzade, Mindsite provides data sets and actionable market insights that guide brands selling in the e-commerce channel where it is difficult to obtain meaningful and real-time data. Mindsite, which provides services such as price, availability, visibility, content accuracy, comment and scoring analysis to the brands it works with for both its own products and competitor products, also offers special solutions for players selling on fast delivery platforms, which have gained an important place in e-commerce in recent years. Mindsite, which can provide data to the brands it works with on its own platform, goes beyond the usual B2B SaaS service standards and establishes private data integration systems for companies.

Mindsite works with international brands in Turkiye, Europe and the Middle East. Mindsite, which currently has the capacity to report data from more than 150 e-commerce platforms in 13 different countries, aims to grow faster in the European and Middle Eastern markets, where it has already covered, with an investment of $1.9 million. Mindsite plans to add new features to its product range with the investment it has received and to increase the number of countries in which it is present.

Selami Duz, Coordinator of Maxis Private Equity, who led the investment tour, explained that they invested in Mindsite at the beginning of 2021, as a young and promising startup that completed the Turkiye Isbank Workup Entrepreneurship Program. He stated that with the growth performance and strong team of Mindsite in the last two years, our country has gained the trust of corporate venture capital investors with valuable competencies and experienced individual investors.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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