Domestic logistics startup Yolda was selected among Endeavor startups

Yolda, the local startup that digitizes the road transportation processes of businesses, announced that it has been selected among the Endeavor startups.

Yolda, which set out with the aim of becoming the leading logistics startup not only in Turkiye but also in Europe, continues to prove its success in different fields. Yolda, after three days of panels, meetings and private discussions, the new international Endeavor Initiative was unanimously chosen in the first round, while Volkan Ozkan and C. Murad Ozsert won the title of Endeavor Entrepreneur.

The startup, which we share that it started operations in Germany this year, offers partial transportation services to businesses and digitalizes logistics operation processes, providing a quality experience with automation in the transportation process. Yolda, which continues to work both in our country and in certain regions of the world, aims to increase automation and operational efficiency by developing new-generation technologies.

Launched as Digital Logistics Operator by its founders, the startup aims to lead digitalization in the sector with the technologies and solutions it has developed. Thanks to the smart capacity management developed by Yolda, partial shipments are managed with minimum transfer. Therefore, both damage rates and costs are reduced and delivery times are optimized. Since on the road has agreements with many local freight forwarders and logistics companies, SMEs and corporate businesses can receive instant answers to multiple different transportation requests through a single platform. Companies can also track their shipments through the control panel and measure their logistics operation performance with the detailed reporting service offered by on the road.

Yolda, which is a candidate among the companies that are the fastest growing in Turkiye, that can create the most impact on the entrepreneurship ecosystem and provide employment to the most people, will now benefit from Endeavor’s wide network around the world and will be entitled to use its resources.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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