Domestic SaaS startup Roketfy, which increased the sales of its marketplace stores, received an investment of $465,000 from APY Ventures

Saas startup Roketfy, which was launched this year and aims to increase the sales of marketplace vendors, completed its first investment tour, which started negotiations about 6 months ago, with a contract signed with APY Ventures for an investment tour of $465 thousand at a valuation of $3.25 million.

Founded by Icerik Bulutu and founders Ahmet Durmusoglu and Emre Guzeldal, and Rustem Ramadan, who led the Icerik Bulutu technical team for many years, Roketfy actually stepped into the entrepreneurial world as a spin-off born within the Icerik Bulutu.

Roketfy, designed as a SaaS platform to enable the sales and store performance of E-Shops in the marketplaces, in short, to grow within the marketplace, set out to provide service for ETSY sellers, whose number is over 5 million, especially in the US and European markets.

With this first-round investment, Roketfy will establish a talented team whose planning and HR processes continue since December, and will start its growth efforts by targeting ETSY vendors in the international arena. More than a thousand marketplace stores currently use the product, which is active for Hepsiburada and Trendyol sellers in our country.

In addition to Listing Optimization analyzes and solutions in the marketplace, Artificial intelligence-based content producer, AI Reviews, which provides referrals to the e-seller by processing customer comments with artificial intelligence supported Sentimental Analysis, attracts attention with the 24/7 Assist service, which communicates all kinds of anomalies to e-Sellers via iOS and android applications, product research tool, category, sector and store-focused audit services for brands and e-commerce agencies as technologies offered by Roketfy.

Emre Guzeldal, who we received information about this investment tour, which was closed with success, conveyed to our team that they are very happy and excited for Roketfy to be a partner with an investment fund that believes in our unique technologies, goals and energy that we have developed in our field. He added that they have held meetings with many professional investment funds during their investment tours, but that they see APY Ventures as the right partner, with which they are experienced and therefore can speak the same language with their investments in technology startups.

Icerik Bulutu and ContentGo CEO Ahmet Durmusoglu noted that marketplaces are the heart of world e-commerce, and they are excited as a team to represent our ecosystem abroad with a SaaS product in this field and to create the opportunity to grow Turkish Etsy sellers engaged in e-export. He also added that it is pleasing to see that the management model they have been maintaining in the Icerik Bulutu team for about 9 years has come to fruition with the initiative they took from the inside.

Stating that they are happy to share the energies and visions of the Roketfy team, Albaraka Portfolio General Manager Emin Ozer underlined that with the development of marketplace technologies, businesses increase their competitiveness. Adding that they have invested in IT Valley GDP and Start-up GDP, Ozer stated that they have invested in 30+ startups under the roof of APY Ventures.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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