Domestic startup Artcomun received pre-seed investment over $2 million valuation

Artcomun, which develops trade technologies focused on art and collectibles, completed its pre-seed investment round with a valuation of $2 million.

Artcomun leverages the power of data and algorithms to fit the art trade into mobile devices.

To the pre-seed tour of one of the KWORKS initiatives; Ilker Diker, Ahmed Faruk Karsli, Emre Kenci, Bulent Tekmen, Gokhan Demir, Ahmet Salih Palamut, Kerem Ozten and UNVEST were involved.

The company provides access to hundreds of thousands of artists on a single platform for users, managing its presence; for artists, it offers the opportunity to exhibit free of charge and build their personal brand. It aims to reach unlimited supply power and diversity by using the power of data and algorithms with a touch similar to what Spotify did to the music industry.

Founded by Osman Dora Kezer and Mertcan Alganoglu, Artcomun has become home to 4097 artists and over 10 thousand works of art with its MVP Sanatyapiyo, which was put into service in 2021.

Resolving an important bottleneck in the art ecosystem, the initiative will reach 1 million artists from 80 countries and add new categories to its portfolio, including Web3.0 tools.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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