Domestic startup Biyaku received $80 thousand pre-seed investment

Mindfulness app Biyaku announced that it has received a pre-seed investment of $80,000.

The mindfulness practice Biyaku, founded by Bora Ogunc and Gamze Kiremitci, announced that it received a pre-seed investment of $80,000. According to the information shared, Biyaku received investment from Ozgun Ozok, Levent Albayrak, Gizem Arer and Deniz Basaran.

Biyaku offers daily meditations, combining Eastern techniques used for thousands of years with Western science. There are audio contents within the application that allow people to take a journey about their own sexuality.

Bora Ogunc, one of the founders, stated that they first tested the contents with a closed community, and in this process, they re-evaluated the contents with feedback. The content offered includes long-term meditations, solo practices and easy-to-consume audio content.

Biyaku, which currently has a team of 11 people, plans to generate revenue through monthly and annual subscriptions. The Biyaku team, which has been working on the application since August 2022, recently launched the application. Those who want to review Biyaku can access Android and iOS versions.

It is possible to say that the initiative stands at the intersection of the mindfulness and sexual wellness market. Let’s also add that Biyaku is preparing for a new investment round in April.

By the way, you may have heard the name of Bora Ogunc, one of the founders of Biyaku, before. An entrepreneur for nearly 10 years, Ogunc was among the founding partners of Pub Story, among other ventures. At this point, it is worth remembering that Pub Story reached 1 million users in the USA and was purchased by Connected2me.

Source: Webrazzi / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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