Domestic startup Portuma, which has completed the integration process, has started in-game advertisements

Working to integrate advertisements into the games, Portuma is preparing to come to the games after the completion of the testing process.

In-game native advertising startup Portuma announced that it started in-game ads right after the tests and integration process were completed. Now, it is expected that different and remarkable advertisements will appear in the game while playing the game.

Portuma announced that the ads, which were first approved in the Android version of Axell Studio’s Wonder Racer game, will be integrated into all games, respectively. Portuma recently announced deals with many global advertisers and game studios.

Portuma made it possible to display in-game advertisements and broadcast the advertisements with the SDK technology, which only a few companies in the world have achieved. With its new integration process and global agreements, Portuma is now integrated with 26 global advertising infrastructure providers, including Adjust, Admixer, Adsyield and LoopMe. Advertisements of major brands such as Samsung, Apple, THY and IABW appeared in Portuma’s post-integration advertising areas.

to my port; Axell Studio has previously announced that it has signed with Happy Crab Games, Game Factory, Pollux Games and Spektra Games. He stated that with the completion of the Portuma integrations, it has reached 300 million downloads and 5 million active daily users in 177 countries.

Portuma CEO Ozan Emrah Unal stated that he wants to dominate 5% of the market this year in the in-game advertising industry, which is $ 7 billion in 2021. Emrah Unal said, “According to our competitor analysis, Portuma is ahead of its competitors in terms of fillrate and builds a more sustainable income for its partners. Portuma is positively differentiated from our competitors with the fee we pay per 1000 impressions and fillrate rates.”

Murat Kahraman, the investor and strategy partner of Portuma, founder of Game Factory, stated that in-game advertising has created a new revenue model among game studios, and that especially Portuma’s advertisements without disturbing the game experience will provide serious gains to game studios.

Gameder President Tansu Kendirli, one of Portuma’s strategic advisors, said that they support Portuma, which develops its own technology outside of the gaming industry in Turkiye, and that it is of great importance that a service that provides added value in the developing game ecosystem was born from a Turkish company.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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