Domestic startup Sensgreen received investment from Alesta Investment over a $2.5 million valuation

In line with its investment strategy in early-stage technology startups with high growth potential, Alesta Investment continues its investments.

Sensgreen, which was founded by Turkish entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi and operates in the field of internet of things, received an investment of $2.5 million from Alesta Investment.

Developing low-power wireless sensors and data analysis software platform, Sensgreen offers healthy and comfortable solutions by making buildings smart with IoT Technology.

For sustainable, efficient and healthy buildings, Sensgreen processes and collects building usage data with wireless sensors and mobile applications it develops. By understanding buildings’ energy use, air quality levels and operational inefficiencies, it helps optimize building management with adjustments that affect sustainability scores and operating costs.

It saves time and money by eliminating inefficiencies and reducing energy use with the data it collects. It provides an increase in comfort by learning the comfort points of the users.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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