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Eastern Turkey offers over 17 km of uninterrupted skiing

Skiing center preferred for its long trails, snow quality and high altitude, says national athlete

A winter sports center in Turkey’s eastern Erzincan province has become a favorite with local and foreign tourists for its natural trail runs.

The Mount Ergan Winter Sports and Nature Tourism Center offers over 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) of ski trails which also allow skiing at night.

Opened eight years ago, the center has been hosting thousands of local and foreign skiing enthusiasts every year, providing visitors with a unique skiing experience.

It hosts global international organizations thanks to the length of its ski trail and snow quality.

A 13-minute drive from the airport and 12 kilometers (7.4 miles) from the city, the center is also appreciated for its convenience of transportation.

The resort offers six trails with lengths ranging between 1,363 to 2,500 meters (about 1 to 1.5 miles) as well as various difficulty levels.

As the trails are connected, the center provides passionate skiers with an uninterrupted skiing experience.

On the slopes of the Munzur Mountain range at an altitude of 2,970 meters (1.8 miles), the winter sports center has a new technology chair lift system with a carrying capacity of 2,700 people per hour and a ski lift with a 1,000-person carrying capacity hourly.

Offering its visitors an unforgettable holiday opportunity by Ardicli Lake, the resort contains social facilities that can meet visitors’ needs.

Aytekin Sanalan, an executive board member of the International Ski Mountaineering Federation and a member of the International Relations Commission of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation,told Anadolu Agency that Mount Ergan has great potential for skiing.

  • No different than famous facilities in Europe

Noting that he has seen many ski centers in the world due to the contests he has participated in, Sanalan said Mount Ergan is a ski resort which can be listed among Europe’s top three ski centers.

“When you get on the trails here [on Mount Ergan], you can’t see any difference than those in Europe. Mount Ergan Skiing Center has attracted the attention of domestic and especially foreign ski lovers and adrenaline seekers,” he said.

Sanalan added that hundreds of kilometers of trails can be built here with new trails on the mountain.

Yilmaz Unal, a member of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation’s Board of Mountain Skiing and chairman of the Erzincan Mountaineering Skiing Specialization Club (EDKIK), said the mountain attracts the attention of international sports organizations.

Unal noted that Ergan hosted the Ski Mountaineering World Championship and is among the certified mountains.

“The mountain stands out for the length of its trails and the quality of snow. This place is preferred for its trails and geography,” he said.

  • Skiers need to take break to complete trail

“We welcome skiers who desire an uninterrupted skiing experience. I am sure that there is no athlete that can complete 17 kilometers without a break. They need to take a break to complete the trail,” Unal added.

Yeliz Esen, a national athlete in mountain skiing, said she is preparing for Turkey’s championship on Ergan.

“I find Mount Ergan pretty efficient and enjoyable. Comparing Mount Ergan with other ski centers I have been to, it is more exciting for its surface area, altitude and its inclination,” she said.

Having been to multiple ski centers, passionate skier Erman Cimen said the uninterrupted skiing experience with a lake landscape on Mount Ergan is a unique joy for him.

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