Electronic equipment rental platform, Kiralarsin, received an investment of $2.5 million valuation

With the participation of Nethouse, QNBEYOND Ventures, one of Turkiye’s leading companies in information technology retailing, Ahu Buyukkusoglu Serter from Arya Women’s Investment Platform, Yesim Sanal, Burcu Sariahmetoglu, Elif Erkekkol and Umur Ozal from GBA, Kiralarsin received an investment of $2.5 million.

Kiralarsin, which was launched in 2021 as an in-house initiative of QNB Finansbank and allows you to easily rent electronic devices, operated as a separate company after its spin-off from QNB Finansbank.

Kiralarsin received an investment of $2.5 million with the participation of Nethouse, QNBEYOND Ventures, one of Turkiye’s leading companies in information technology retailing, Ahu Buyukkusoglu Serter, Yesim Sanal, Burcu Sariahmetoglu, Elif Erkekkol from Arya Women’s Investment Platform Umur Ozal from Galata Business Angels.

Founded by Basak Baykan, Cagdas Dikici, Burak Koyun and Mehmet Emin Ciddi, Kiralarsin makes it easy to test electronic devices before purchasing, to access the latest technology and to meet our periodic needs with the secure rental method; It offers services such as 80% damage assurance, zero or near-zero devices, no deposit rental, ‘rent now, buy later’ and ‘extend the rental period’.

Kiralarsin, which started service in Istanbul for the pilot study, now operates in 18 cities. You rent it, it also cooperates with brands such as Monster Notebook and Vestel.

Kiralarsin is the Pioneer of Carbon Neutral Delivery in Turkiye in the Field of e-Commerce

Turkiye’s first carbon-neutral e-commerce company,, calculates its carbon footprint based on the amount of carbon released, mileage, product weight and vehicle type information depending on the logistics activities during the delivery and receipt of each leased product to the user. It resets this carbon released into the atmosphere with the support it gives to projects from globally recognized certificate programs such as the “Gold Standard”. Kiralarsin, which has carbon neutralized 10 tons so far, has been offering carbon-neutral delivery since its first order.

Basak Baykan, Founding Partner and CEO of Kiralarsin, said: “As a team, we believe from the first day that the use of electronic devices can be offered with a much more budget-friendly, sustainable and well-designed user experience. Our number of users exceeding 2,500 in a short time, our re-rental rates approaching 30% and our average customer satisfaction score of 4.86 show that we have taken the right steps as a team. With the investment, we are starting to implement new services and products, and we are growing our team and operations. We have recently opened to 18 cities, our efforts to expand to the whole of Turkiye are continuing rapidly. The participation of our esteemed investors, especially with the support of Arya, and the fact that our investors are predominantly women, is another reason for my happiness.”

Derya Duner, Deputy General Manager responsible for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at QNB Finansbank, said: It was a great pleasure to witness the development of Kiralarsın, born in our QNBEYOND in-house entrepreneurship program. Basak and her team quickly developed the product and made it available to customers, and they were able to touch the lives of many people by collaborating with valuable brands. As a result, they were able to fly out of the nest and receive investments from very valuable investors in our ecosystem. We believe that Kiralarsin will grow much faster from now on. Of course, we will continue to support this journey as much as we can.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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