Eminevim aims at 200 deliveries by 2021

Suheyla Ustun, board chairman of Emin Group talked about Eminevim’s 2020 realizations and 2021 targets, she stated that as Eminevim, they reached a total of 175 thousand deliveries in 2020, which was under the effect of the pandemic, and that they determined their growth strategies and delivery targets for 2021.

Expressing that they aim to achieve a faster momentum in 2021 with the work carried out in a superior, strong, and determined manner, Ustun emphasized that they expect to spend the new year more efficiently than 2020 with the effect of the pandemic that is expected to decrease. Investments in the development of service models that adapt to changing habits with the pandemic will increase, new steps will be taken that will take the company to the next level in the field of innovation with digitalization. Ustun said:

‘’ Eminevim serves with interest-free ‘Cooperation System’ in Turkey and aims to grow by 27 percent next year and reach 200 delivery. The number of people who buy their homes and cars without interest has increased by 10 percent in 2020.’’

Suheyla Ustun emphasized that they overcame the impact of the pandemic process that started in March, benefiting from their 30 years of experience and that the targets were achieved without any interruption, and that the deliveries of homes and vehicles increased by 10 percent during this period. Ustun said:

‘’ The year 2020 started with the effect of the epidemic for the world and brought many business lines to a standstill. However, those who kept up with change faster in this period managed to survive. Here, we continued to provide better and higher quality service to our customers by using the innovations brought by technology against changing habits. By opening services, we provide with the Interest-Free Cooperation System to the digital environment, we have made it possible to carry out all transactions easily on the internet without the need to go to the branch through our innovative work called the Video Branch and our Digital Recording channel.

We started the transformation for the needs of the future in order to increase our service quality. We have also increased our new investments in this area and by shifting the management of our business processes to the digital area instead of traditional business models, we switched to the new generation ERP application SAP S / 4HANA technology. With all these efforts, while increasing our applications as expected during the pandemic period, we also managed to increase the number of our customers to whom we delivered their homes and vehicles by 10 percent. ‘’

‘’ Eminevim contributed ₺ 4 billion to the economy in 2020. ‘’

Ustun noted that Eminevim, delivers estate and vehicle to more than 2 thousand people per month, monthly deliveries make a contribution of ₺ 350 million to the national economy. Ustun said:

‘’ We contributed ₺ 3.5 billion to Turkey’s economy in 2019 with the deliveries we make every month and we managed to increase this number to ₺ 4 billion despite the pandemic effects. We aim to increase this contribution to ₺ 4.7 billion by 2021 by continuing to offer more advantageous solutions with Interest-free Cooperation System.’’

‘’ The studies will be instrumental in strengthening the understanding of Islamic economics. ‘’

Referring to the work carried out on the system by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Suheyla Ustun noted that as a result of the studies, 2021 will be the expected year in the interest-free system. Ustun continued:

‘’ With the initiatives of Emin Ustun, our founder, we have been waiting for a while the work on the enactment of the system whose steps have been taken continues. We believe that these efforts will be instrumental in strengthening the understanding of Islamic economics, which advocates sharing and participation, as expressed by our President. Eminevim, will continue to be a more effective and stronger alternative among existing financial instruments in the new period. ‘’

source: AA / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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