EU is reducing carbon emissions from heavy vehicles

The Council of the European Union announced that it has adopted legislation aimed at reducing emissions from heavy vehicles and introducing strict emission standards for these vehicles in member countries.

Accordingly, the new rules will reduce pollution and carbon emissions from trucks and buses.

The carbon emission reduction targets for new heavy vehicles, including buses and trucks, will be updated.

Emissions from heavy vehicles weighing over 16 tons will be reduced by 45% from 2030 onwards and by 65% from 2035 onwards.

From 2040 onwards, various heavy vehicles such as new trucks and buses to be sold must have emissions 90% lower.

These targets will also apply to trucks weighing over 7.5 tons, passenger buses, and various other vehicles from 2035 onwards.

Additionally, from 2030 onwards, 90% of new urban buses sold in the EU must be zero-emission, and from 2035 onwards, all of them must be zero-emission. Intercity buses will be exempt from this target.

The new rules will come into effect after being published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

source: prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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