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CNR Eurasia Boat Show 2023 7

CNR Eurasia Boat Show 2023

The world’s second-largest boat show sets sail for new horizons in May

The world’s second-largest exhibition dedicated to the global sailing industry, CNR Eurasia Boat Show, anchors in its precise location, Yenikapı – Eurasia Show and Art Center, between May 24-28, 2023.

Turkiye’s one and only boat show, CNR Eurasia Boat Show, gathers the industry together after a long period. The 17th edition of the exhibition not only showcases state-of-the-art boats but also welcomes tens of thousands of visitors engaged in amateur sailing for purchasing purposes this year.

The exhibition looks to arouse great interest in professionals enthusiastic about mega yachts, boats, sailing boats as well as visitors keen on amateur sailing. CNR Eurasia Boat Show embraces sea vehicles and materials suiting every budget and enables exhibiting companies to finish their stocks,place new orders, and achieve their trade rates scheduled for 2023.


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