Exhibition in Turkish capital to highlight history of ‘The Little Prince’

Event to take visitors on journey through ‘The Little Prince Universe’ featuring detailed information on the book

An exhibition featuring various editions of the world-famous story book “The Little Prince” is set to be held in the Turkish capital Ankara.

The Little Prince, or “Le Petit Prince” in French, written in 1943 by French novelist Antoine de Saint-Exupery, holds the record for the world’s most translated book with 488 different languages and dialects.

The exhibition, called World’s Little Prince Books, curated by the book’s fans Yildiray Lise, Kazim Inal and Mehmet Sobaci, will be held at the Zulfu Livaneli Cultural Center from Jan. 4 to Feb. 3.

It will detail the publication process of the book since 1943 and also showcase various publications in rare languages, extinct languages, artificial languages, books written in different languages, Morse code, Braille for the visually impaired, using the T9 number system on smartphones, and 3D books that can only be read in a mirror.

In addition, visitors will also have the opportunity to take a journey on the “publication’s adventure” featuring detailed information.

75 editions

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Sobaci, who is also a lecturer in the Communications Department of Ankara University, said the first Turkish edition of The Little Prince was published in 1953.

He also noted that he has more than 400 editions of The Little Prince.

He added that 75 versions of the book will be exhibited in the center.

Lise said he has been collecting editions of the book since 2008 and added that he donated all of these to the “Little Prince Book Museum” that they created in a high school in Eskisehir province.

Recommending people to read the book before visiting the exhibition,he said they would have the opportunity to better understand “The Little Prince universe.”


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