Exports of $1.18 billion from Baykar in 2022

Baykar realized exports of $1.18 billion in 2022.

In the statement made on the 2022 export figures of the company on Baykar’s Twitter account, it was stated that new export contracts were signed with 18 countries.

According to the shared data, the number of countries with which export contracts were signed was 27 in total, and the export revenue for 2022 was $1.18 billion. The export rate in 2022 contracts was 99.3%.

Baykar Chairman of the Board and Technology Leader Selcuk Bayraktar shared on his Twitter account, “We took our place among the best in the world thanks to our national and unique UAVs that we developed with our own capital. The share of exports in the contracts we signed in 2022 is 99.3%. We are also developing Bayraktar Kizilelma with our export revenues.”

Baykar General Manager Haluk Bayraktar said, “We continue to work for our country with the high-tech national and original unmanned aerial vehicle platforms that we have been working on for 20 years. The share of exports in the contracts we signed in 2022 was 99.3%. We are proud.”

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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