Eyes of Solar broke the world record by reaching ₺1.5 million in 43 seconds in its crowdfunding campaign

Eyes of Solar, an in-house startup of IGA, broke the previous world record of 96 seconds by being 100% funded in 43 seconds in the investment round it launched on the crowdfunding platform fonbulucu. The investment tour was closed at the end of the same day, with a fund rate of 1404.6% against the investment demand of ₺1.5 million, with a fund rate of ₺21 million. It has been reported that the fonbulucu will immediately apply to the Guinness Book of Records for the record to be registered.

A world crowdfunding record came from Eyes of Solar, which works with its advanced technology without the need for electricity and database infrastructure, and provides solutions to problems in disaster situations by providing lighting, communication and security systems even at the farthest points from electricity.

Eyes of Solar, an in-house startup of IGA, started a share-based crowdfunding campaign through fonbulucu on March 28, with a target of ₺1.5 million, by offering 7% of the company shares to investors. The startup, which attracted great interest from individual and institutional investors from the first moment of the tour, broke the world crowdfunding record of 96 seconds by reaching 100% funding in share supply in just 43 seconds, together with EFT demands. While the process was time stamped by the Central Registry Agency (MKK), Takasbank and fonbulucu, ₺21 million was collected with a fund rate of 1404.6% against the ₺1.5 million fund request of the investment campaign of the startup.

The biggest target is surplus value generation

Speaking about the record funding, Eyes of Solar Founder and General Manager Hakan Bayram:

“We first launched the Eyes of Solar project in April 2022 in the core program of Istanbul Technical University, IGA HUB – ITU. We took our place on the final stage by carrying out a successful process against other projects on the 2022 ITU-Cekirdek BigBang platform. We completed the final stage process of ITU-Core BigBang, held in December 2022, with cash prizes given by EnerjiSa and IGA among 503 projects. We entered a new era by being accepted to the Individual Young Entrepreneur (BiGG) program held in January 2023.

In 2022, we are on our way with the status of ITU-Core Incubation Enterprise. Our goal from the very beginning is to create added value for our country with the deep technology we will produce and to guide the market we are in with beneficial leadership. We predicted that we would close the tour successfully with the confidence we have in our product and team, but this record we broke reinforced our belief in our country, our investors, our ecosystem and ourselves. We are very happy and proud. We would like to express our endless thanks to our investors, with whom we will progress, achieve together, and break new records together from now on, and the entire fonbulucu team, who are always there for us with their valuable support.”

“We said we would witness the startup to be funded in seconds”

Fonbulucu Founder and CEO Hakan Yildiz:

“Eyes of Solar offers an extremely innovative technology with an extremely high value proposition in order to minimize the effects of disasters such as the earthquake that we have experienced very recently and that shook our country deeply. It consists of a well-equipped team that has analyzed the existing problems in depth, is determined at the point of solution, and has high qualifications and competence. To be frank, this record result did not come as a surprise to us. As fonbulucu, we had already predicted that our venture would be funded quickly with a product that closes an important gap. We will apply to the Guinness Book of Records as soon as possible. Last year, we said that in the not too distant future, we would witness startups funded within seconds on our platform. We stand behind this promise with the success of Eyes of Solar. We congratulate our initiative and wish the continuation of this success, which we know is not a coincidence.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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