Facebook has launched in-stream ads for video content producers and broadcasters in Turkey

According to the statement made yesterday, Facebook announced that it has launched ads for broadcasters in Turkey. With this new feature, video content producers and broadcasters in Turkey will be able to earn money by adding short ads during, before or after of the content on Facebook from now on.

Video content producers and broadcasters whose page is suitable to use in-stream ads can place these ads on certain videos by using the Creator Studio or can place ads for all videos on their Facebook pages.

Eren Sagir, the Facebook Media Partnerships Manager stated that many people have been able to socially connect via video content on Facebook platforms and have a sense of community especially during the pandemic period, and said:

‘’Video is one of the most popular content on Facebook. We see professional broadcasters, filmmakers, journalists, sports clubs, content producers and millions of our users coming to Facebook to share the most interesting videos. This situation inspired us to bring our video revenue distribution program to Turkey. We are very excited since it will create an opportunity to generate a new income.’’

For more detailed information about the criteria for eligibility for in-stream ads and getting started with Creator Studio, you can visit Facebook About In-Broadcast Ads.

source: / translated by Melisa Karayusufoglu

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