FCP Reserves Experience the Fastest Decline in Three Months

The Protected Turkish Lira Deposit and Participation Accounts (FCP) decreased by approximately 37 billion lira last week, marking the strongest drop since the week of February 2.

According to the weekly bulletin of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), the loan volume of the banking sector increased by 120 billion 287 million lira as of May 31.

Last week, the total loan volume rose from 13 trillion 398 billion 339 million lira to 13 trillion 518 billion 626 million lira.

Total deposits in the banking sector, including interbank, decreased by 202 billion 216 million lira last week, falling to 15 trillion 923 billion 183 million lira.

Consumer Loans Reach 1.6867 Trillion Lira

As of May 31, the amount of consumer loans increased by 20 billion 512 million lira, reaching 1 trillion 686 billion 659 million lira. This amount comprises 446 billion 992 million lira in housing loans, 92 billion 2 million lira in vehicle loans, and 1 trillion 147 billion 664 million lira in personal loans.

During this period, the amount of installment commercial loans increased by 20 billion 966 million lira, reaching 1 trillion 661 billion 921 million lira.

The amount owed on personal credit cards increased by 3.2%, reaching 1 trillion 454 billion 692 million lira. Of this, 534 billion 423 million lira were installment debts, while 920 billion 268 million lira were non-installment debts.

Legal Equity Increases

The banking sector’s non-performing loans increased by 1 billion 628 million lira from the previous week, reaching 211 billion 43 million lira as of May 31. Of these non-performing loans, 168 billion 847 million lira were provisioned.

During the same period, the legal equity of the banking system increased by 3 billion 647 million lira, reaching 2 trillion 943 billion 716 million lira.

The KKM balance decreased by 1.7%, or 36 billion 826 million lira, last week, dropping to 2 trillion 124 billion 637 million lira. This movement represents the fastest decline in the last three months.

source: aa.com.tr/ prepared by Melisa Beğiç

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