Financell developed a vehicle loan solution in collaboration with Carvak

Financell General Manager Z. Korhan Bilek said, “Our customers can effortlessly complete their vehicle purchases from a single point, from appraisal to quick access to credit and notary services.”

Turkcell’s subsidiary Financell, which operates in the field of financing, collaborated with its platform Carvak in the purchase and sale of second-hand vehicles.

According to the statement made by the company, Financell, Turkcell Group’s brand that brings technology and credit together, has added a new one to the companies it cooperates with in order to meet the fast and easy financing needs that are increasing in importance in all sectors.

Providing reliable service thanks to Turkcell’s high technology and infrastructure, Financell developed a vehicle loan service in order to enable its customers to access financing technology more easily within the scope of its cooperation with Carvak, a used car buying and selling platform.

After choosing among Carvak’s wide used vehicle portfolio, Financell customers find a one-stop solution for their financing needs thanks to Financell, which works integrated with sales processes. In addition, customers benefit from installments of up to 48 months, with special financing limits and interest rates, in order to have Carvak’s special priced vehicles.

Within the scope of the agreement, easy and fast vehicle purchases can be made after all transactions, from appraisal to fast access to loan services, are completed at Carvak sales points.

Carvak, which started its activities in the Turkish market at the beginning of this year, quickly became one of the most important players in the used car market in Turkiye. The company, which is the pioneer of digital transformation in the automotive world with its data and technology-based platform, meets the market’s need for trust and transparency with this innovative model and facilitates the lives of its customers who want to buy and sell second-hand vehicles.

‘Our customers can complete their vehicle purchases from a single point’

Financell General Manager Z. Korhan Bilek, whose views were given in the statement, stated that the loan process will be one of the fastest-ending car loan processes in the industry.

Noting that with the new collaboration, they have expanded their solution range within the scope of Turkcell’s digital financial services strategy, Bilek said:

‘With our goal of providing financing solutions to more customers, we offer a privileged and fast solution in the sector by providing vehicle financing services. Our aim is to integrate Turkcell Group’s technology and experience with Financell’s financing service, to offer our customers an easily accessible, uninterrupted and reliable way. Accordingly, our customers can effortlessly complete their vehicle purchases from a single point, from appraisal to quick access to credit and notary services. In addition, Financell’s special interest rates and installments of up to 48 months can be accessed quickly and reliably. In the coming period, we will start to offer our attractive Financell and Carvak offers through the digital channels of our group company Paycell and Turkcell, in addition to the Carvak showrooms.’

‘As a result of this cooperation, transparency, speed and convenience in our processes will increase’

Carvak CEO Mehmet Celikol stated that as a technology startup operating in many countries in the automotive sector, their primary goal is to make the purchasing process in the second-hand market the safest and fastest possible.

Noting that they want to offer customers an experience based on transparency at every stage, Celikol made the following assessments:

‘While trying to create this experience, we are in search of how we can make the vehicle trading business most enjoyable and easy. At this point, I would like to emphasize the importance of speed. It will increase our customer’s satisfaction if our customer, who came to buy a vehicle, can get the loan from us at that moment, complete the notary transactions as soon as possible and pick up the vehicle and leave. In order to provide all these opportunities, we attach great importance to cooperation in line with our vision and strategy. We are very happy to take a new and very powerful step in this direction together with Turkcell Group and Financell. As a result of this cooperation, transparency, speed and convenience in our processes will increase. This will directly reflect on our customers and return as a benefit.’

Source: AA / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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