Financial marketplace platform TeklifimGelsin received investment from Startup Wise Guys

TeklifimGelsin, the financial marketplace platform where offers such as personalized loans, credit cards and investments are displayed thanks to the integrations they have established with banks and other financial institutions, completed its investment round.

TeklifimGelsin, the financial marketplace platform where users can access all financial offers in line with their needs, received investment from Startup Wise Guys. Financial information was not disclosed.

TeklifimGelsin will use this investment to expand its international marketing activities, to expand into new markets, as well as to develop products, enlarge its team and increase the number of users.

The startup, which was selected from among thousands of startups in January 2021 and was founded by Ihsan Cem Zararsiz and Ertugrul Hakan Biri within the scope of the ITU Core Pre-Incubation Program, received investment by Startup Wise Guys. With more than 1.8 million visitors and more than 140 thousand users at the moment, TeklifimGelsin aims to accelerate its international marketing activities and to accelerate its plans to open up with new markets with the seed investment it has received.

Zararsiz: “We started our global journey fast with the FinTech Acceleration Program”

Commenting on the investment they received, TeklifimGelsin Co-Founder and CEO Ihsan Cem Zararsiz said: “We have never considered the investments we have received since the day we were founded, only as a financial contribution. We believe that with the investments made by our investors, they not only share in our startup but also in our vision, goals and excitement. With this investment, we also had the opportunity to make a very quick start to the global journey of Startup Wise Guys with the FinTech Acceleration Program. We believe that the support they provide to us, such as training and networking, will contribute significantly to our dreams of becoming a global enterprise. Apart from our global journey with the new investment, we will make a lot of effort to develop our product and we will also implement our mobile application in the coming days.”

Onur: “The rapid development of the FinTech industry increases the number of products and services”

Gunce Onur, Partner of Startup Wise Guy, the leading investment fund of Eastern Europe, made the following statement: “As Startup Wise Guys, we always support initiatives that produce solutions in the field of financial technology and meet many needs under one roof. The rapid development of the FinTech industry has led to an increase in the number of products and services in this area. It is very valuable for us that TeklifimGelsin offers special offers to users by bringing these services and products together on a single platform. We firmly believe that the future of the enterprise is bright. Thanks to the network and accelerator programs offered by Startup Wise Guys to startups, I think that TeklifimGelsin will achieve very important things in a short time.”

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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