Flowla, which combines B2B sales processes in a single link, received an investment of $1.3 million

Antler, Fuel Ventures, ScaleX Ventures and Logo Ventures participated in the $1.3 million investment tour of Flowla, a UK-based startup founded by Turkish founders and combining B2B sales processes in a single link.

Flowla, which combines B2B sales processes in a single link and was established in the UK by Turkish entrepreneurs, received an investment of $1.3 million. Antler, Fuel Ventures, ScaleX Ventures and Logo Ventures joined Flowla’s $1.3 million investment tour.

The founders of the company have international experience in the field of sales and a successful exit in the focus of sales automation.

Founded in 2022, Flowla was founded by three Turkish entrepreneurs, Erdem Gelal, Alper Yurder and Oguz Gelal. The founding team of Turkish entrepreneurs living in the UK brings together complementary global experiences: Erdem is the entrepreneur who created an enterprise sales solution that was previously acquired by Groupe UP in 2019. Alper brought in $30 million in sales leadership roles in the last ten years of his career, while Oguz developed digital products by leading various teams in different regions from Canada to Japan.

According to a study by Gartner, 80% of B2B buyers say their recent purchase was very complex and difficult. The reason for this is seen as an increase in both the number of people involved in the decision-making process and the number and variety of materials involved in this process.

Today, sales teams receive support from documents, videos, interactive demos, forms, electronic signatures, action plans and similar materials. Flowla, which includes companies such as Deel and Insider among its users, helps to eliminate the disconnection between the seller and the buyer by bringing together all the documents, actions and communication in the sales process on a single platform.

The solution, which transforms the entire sales process into a step-by-step digital flow in a single link, provides a speed increase of more than 50% in processes.

Erdem Gelal, co-founder and CEO of Flowla, says:

“We see the future of sales in digital experiences delivered to customers. As competition increases, companies must differentiate not only by the services they offer, but also by the sales experience they provide. The new definition of success, helping potential customers make the right decisions. Unfortunately, long email chains no longer provide this. The investment we have received will enable us to develop the product that will set the standards for B2B sales.”

Jed Rose, one of Antler’s partners, commented:

“At a time when their inboxes are flooded with spam, we’re seeing sales teams find it increasingly difficult to build a comprehensive source of information for their customers. Flowla fills a huge gap by combining the process from the first touch to the after-sales phase in a single link.”

Dilek Dayinlarli, Founder and Managing Partner of ScaleX Ventures, adds:

“The world of sales is evolving rapidly, and success in this field largely depends on companies’ ability to understand and improve their customers’ experience. Flowla is leading this transformation. We are very excited to partner with such a forward-thinking company.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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