Focusing on educational technologies and teacher development, TeacherX received investment from Founder One

“The teacher develops, the society changes.” Designing the education system of the future with the belief in the future, TeacherX aims to add value to the society by strengthening its infrastructure and content with the investment it receives.

Teachers, who shape the society by contacting thousands of students, will now be able to access everything they need in their educational journey to the future from a single platform. Prepared by expert educators from Turkiye and around the world and supported by enriched content, TeacherX offers hundreds of hours of educational content, in which academic knowledge is shared with applied examples and enriched with animations, for teachers’ access.

The startup, which received investment from Founder One, did not share financial details.

He said that one of the biggest goals of teacher education is “Teacher develops, society changes!” TeacherX Founder Dr. Isil Boy Ergul stated that they set out with the goal of:

“In such periods of great transformation and change, education systems cannot be expected to change or even remain the same. We believe that preparing for the future with educational technologies is of great importance. Contributing to the development of a teacher means adding value to our thousands of students, namely our future. More than 12 thousand of our teachers received training from TeacherX in 2 years, and in this way, we touched the lives of nearly 100 thousand students. Our aim is to expand TeacherX in our country and present it to the whole world.”

“We are happy to support educational technology initiatives”

Founder One Investment Committee Member and General Manager Ali Sahin stated that they are very happy to invest in a domestic initiative of Founder One that works in the field of educational technologies and supports the professional development of teachers. Ali Sahin:

“As Founder One, which we, as the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation and the Turkish Informatics Foundation, established with the partnership of Maxis Private Equity Portfolio Management, completely specific to impact investments, we will continue to support initiatives that add value to the society by investing in educational technologies as well as other areas of influence.”

TeacherX was prepared with an interdisciplinary approach in the light of scientific data.

TeacherX founding coordinator Selin Bozkurtlar Peçe shared the starting point and features of TeacherX in her statement:

“TeacherX emerged as a result of both doctoral and master’s theses, evaluating a deficiency we observed in the field in the light of scientific data. Just as it is of great importance for students to develop their competencies in different fields, this system also includes multi-faceted teacher training with an approach fed from different disciplines. Offering teachers the opportunity to design their professional development experiences in the most effective ways, TeacherX makes all training accessible from a single platform and supports educational content with Turkish-English subtitles.”

Dr. Isil Boy Ergul, founder of TeacherX:

“One of our important goals should be to turn these days, where we structure education with a more flexible perspective together with digital learning, into a learning opportunity and contribute to the development of teachers. In line with this goal, TeacherX focuses on lifelong learning and offers a learning environment independent of time and place, with quality content created by expert educators for all teachers.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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