Fonmap: Turkish Mobile App Facilitates Investments in Alternative Funds

Revolutionizing Investment in Venture Capital and Real Estate Funds with Digital Accessibility

Fonmap, a pioneering Turkish mobile application, is transforming the landscape of alternative investment funds by enabling easy access to Venture Capital Investment Funds (VCIF) and Real Estate Investment Funds (REIF). As global interest in alternative investment instruments surges, Fonmap emerges as Turkiye’s first digital platform to digitalize the alternative investment funds market. It offers qualified investors of all levels the opportunity to invest in future unicorns across sectors like energy, fintech, and telecom, as well as high-yield real estate properties, without the hassle of paperwork.

With over 10 years of history and a market size exceeding ₺200 billion, Fonmap is set to introduce new opportunities to investors.

Fonmap allows for the first time in Turkiye the complete digital transaction of Venture Capital Investment Funds (VCIF) and Real Estate Investment Funds (REIF). Investors can seamlessly invest in potential unicorns, high-growth startups, and high-return real estate assets through Fonmap, eliminating the need for extensive documentation.

Tuba Ertugay, Founder and CEO of Fonmap, highlighted the app’s unique value proposition: “With Fonmap, we are digitalizing access to alternative investment funds completely. Investors can now access SPK-approved VCIFs and REIFs and make investments with just a few clicks.”

Fonmap aims to democratize access to alternative investment funds for individual investors, removing barriers and reaching wider audiences. Investors can track SPK-approved funds through a single application, making investment decisions in future unicorns or large-scale shopping centers (AVMs) just a few taps away.

Fonmap provides a user-friendly experience where investors can easily monitor portfolio sizes and returns. Comparative screens showing fund performance against gold, the BIST 100 index, and major foreign exchange rates add depth to investment decisions. Additionally, the app creates a dynamic investment environment with new fund issuance announcements, public disclosures, independent audit reports, and market news.

REIFs, professionally managed funds, offer investment opportunities in assets such as logistics centers, AVMs, land, office spaces, or residential projects, promising stable returns over the long term. The attraction lies in relieving investors from tasks like property deeds, tax procedures, or tenant management, thereby fueling interest in these funds.

Fonmap aims to enhance access to alternative investment funds in Turkiye, contributing to the sustainable growth of the venture ecosystem and real estate market.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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