FTA urges Resident Juridical Persons to register for Corporate Tax by 31 July 2024

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has urged Resident Juridical Persons with Licences issued in May (regardless of the year of issuance) to submit their Corporate Tax registration applications by 31 July 2024. This aligns with the timelines specified in Federal Tax Authority Decision No. 3 of 2024 on the Timeline specified for Registration of Taxable Persons for Corporate Tax for the purposes of Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022 on the Taxation of Corporations and Businesses and its amendments, which came into effect on 1 March 2024.

The FTA emphasised the importance of taxpayers adhering to the registration deadlines specified for each category. These deadlines were previously announced through various official media platforms, including print, visual, and audio media, as well as the FTA’s official social media channels and by direct outreach through the official database of registered company owners in the UAE. The FTA notes that compliance with these deadlines is essential to avoid the relevant Administrative Penalties.

The FTA also specified that the deadlines for submitting registration applications for those subject to Corporate Tax cover both juridical and natural persons, including Resident Persons and Non-Resident Persons. The FTA noted that all categories of Persons can view these specific deadlines, decisions, public clarifications, and other pertinent issuances on the FTA’s official website:

According to the FTA’s Public Clarification regarding the Registration Timelines for Taxable Persons for Corporate Tax, any Resident Juridical Person, incorporated or otherwise established or recognised before 1 March 2024, must submit their tax registration applications for Corporate Tax based on the month of their Licence issuance.

Juridical persons, who have an expired Licence on 1 March 2024, must submit their tax registration application based on the month the Licence was originally issued.If a juridical person holds more than one Licence on 1 March 2024, the Licence with the earliest issuance date shall be used.

To facilitate the application, submission, and registration process for taxpayers, Taxable Persons must use the “EmaraTax” digital tax services platform. This platform is available 24/7 and enables unregistered persons to create a new user profile and obtain a tax registration number easily and conveniently via their email and phone number. Additionally, direct service provision is available through accredited tax agents listed on the FTA’s website and at government service centers across the UAE.

The FTA has also emphasised the importance of providing accurate information and submitting updated supporting documents correctly with the electronic registration application, noting that registering for Corporate Tax for a juridical person requires uploading various documents, including the commercial licence, the Emirates ID card, the passport of the authorised signatory, and proof of authorisation for the authorised signatory.

The FTA has indicated that its website features a video that provides a comprehensive explanation of the registration process through the “EmaraTax” platform, which was designed according to international best practices to facilitate the registration journey, the submission of periodic returns, and the payment of due taxes in the easiest and fastest ways for all categories of taxpayers.

Separately, the Federal Tax Authority has been Certified recently by Great Place To Work, the global authority on workplace culture, in recognition of its efforts to create a positive work environment that aligns with the highest international standards in this field.

In a press statement, the Federal Tax Authority affirmed that building a motivating work environment supported with all necessary components and tools to foster creativity and innovation is one of its top priorities. This ensures the highest levels of productivity and welfare for all FTA employees, which in turn enhances its ability to attract and retain national talents, thus contributing to the sustainable development and economic growth of the UAE.

Jasim Haddad, Director of Human Resources at the Federal Tax Authority, said: “At the FTA, we strive to apply international best practices ensuring a safe work environment conducive to growth and innovation. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining occupational health and safety, achieving work-life balance, focusing on equality and inclusion, offering continuous training and development, and encouraging embracement of our core values, most notably integrity, and the constant pursuit of leadership and excellence to provide the best services to all stakeholders in the tax sector within the UAE.”

Haddad highlighted that the FTA implements various initiatives and programs to foster an organisational culture and a supportive work environment rooted in excellence and respect for its employees.

Source: gulftoday

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