Fundraiser book auction held for Turkiye’s earthquake victims

Writers, poets donate signed works at fundraiser

A book auction fundraiser was organized Saturday to provide aid to victims of recent catastrophic earthquakes in Turkiye.

The event garnered support from famous poets and writers who generously donated signed copies of their books.

The auction collected money that will be donated to the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) to help victims recover and rebuild. The books came from renowned writers and poets, including Turkiye’s Nobel-winning author Orhan Pamuk.

Ali Karabeyeser, a used bookseller who worked to organize the event,told Anadolu the second-hand book market in the Uskudar district of Istanbul already organized a book auction for quake victims.

Then another book auction was scheduled, asking famous writers and poets for signed books.

“More than 100 writers and poets signed their books and donated them to the auction. In addition, signed works of deceased writers and poets were also included in the event,” said Karabeyeser.

Karabeyeser thanked the writers and poets who welcomed with great pleasure their works to be part of the auction. “Many authors brought their books to the market and signed them here.”

Writer and screenwriter Tarık Tufan, who supported the event with his signed books, expressed thanks to second-hand booksellers who organized “the charity and solidarity organization.”

“I was very honored to be involved in such a meaningful effort,” said Tufan said.

“Before being a writer or a novelist, being human has values and responsibilities in life. It is this sense of responsibility that gives meaning to our existence. We must consider that other people have a right and share in everything we have. When the time comes, it is humane and moral to share it in the most generous and graceful way. Thus, every value we have is an opportunity; our house, our money, our clothes, the food in our pantry and of course our novels.”


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