Fuzul Savings Finance: Interest-free housing finance for 5 thousand people

Stating that they have made the 30-year-old system more understandable with the term Solidarity Economy, Fuzul Savings Finance Inc. Chairman Eyup Akbal said, “Hundreds of thousands of people have owned houses, vehicles and roofed workplaces with the Solidarity Economy.

Solidarity Economy, thanks to the fact that our industry has existed for 30 years and the trust it has gained with its current position; With the necessary legal steps taken, it can continue to be a solution for different needs other than houses, vehicles and roofed workplaces.”

Having signed the 5,000 Interest-Free Housing Finance Campaign, Fuzul will make 5 thousand people homeowners with discounts of up to 35% in the organization price. The campaign will continue until October 31.

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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