Garanti Bank Retirement Promotion Announced! December’s Current Promotion Has Been Announced!

Retirees who make a commitment to receive their salary from the same bank for three years are entitled to receive promotional payments in varying amounts according to their salary ranges. In this context, many people are wondering which bank will pay how much as of December. With the information on Garanti Bank’s website, promotions to be given according to salary ranges have been announced.

How Much is the Garanti Bank Retirement Promotion?

According to the statement made by Garanti Bank, those who make a commitment to receive their pension from Garanti Bank for three years will be able to receive a promotional payment starting from 3,600 TL. Retirement promotion payments increase to the level of 6,000 TL as the salary increases.

For Those Who Get Salary Under 3.500 TL: 3.600 TL
For Those Who Get Salary Between 3.500 TL – 7.500 TL: 4.200 TL
For Those Who Get Salary Between 7.500 TL – 10.000 TL: 5.400 TL
For those with a salary of 10.000 TL or more: 6,000 TL

Retirees who want to benefit from the promotional payment announced by Garanti Bank can submit their salary transfer and promotion applications through the bank’s official transaction channels.More detailed information about the pension promotion campaign can be found on Garanti Bank’s website.


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