General Manager of E-commerce will be active during Ramadan

Preparations for the month of Ramadan have shifted to e-commerce with the habits brought by the pandemic. While iftar and sahur shopping started 10 days before, there was an average of 30% increase in the purchase of certain products.

Hakan Cevikoglu, Vice President of the Electronic Commerce Operators Association (ETID) and General Manager of PTT affiliate company, said, “Special days have always energized e-commerce. During the pandemic process, Ramadan shopping shifted to e-commerce intensively. However, this activity continues during the normalization period. For this year, as, we are already seeing increases of nearly 30%.”

Stating that the interest in Ramadan parcels is the same as in previous years, Cevikoglu said, “The sending of Ramadan parcels, which is a traditional type of cooperation, shows a similar trend this year as well. Our parcels are prepared at affordable prices. Especially the parcels of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives attract great attention. We are very pleased to be instrumental in helping our citizens do charity.” Cevikoglu also talked about the products that attracted attention in this period, “There is interest in date variety as always. Food products such as ready-made desserts, pulses, flour, sugar, and nuts are among the products that attract attention. On the other hand, we started to see the products of Turkish Grain Board (TMO) and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in the baskets of our citizens.”


Cevikoglu said that, which enables Turkish products to be opened to the world, which was realized with the agreement of the PTT and Qatar Post, is also in demand during Ramadan. Cevikoglu said, “Products specific to Turkey are ordered from all over the world. There are also purchases in the normal period, but the arrival of Ramadan makes the shopping even more active. In this period, there is a demand from Turkish coffee to samovar, from roasted chickpeas to almonds and from apricots to prayer rugs. With these platforms, our domestic producers can export to dozens of contracted countries without facing additional transactions or costs.”


Referring to the online shopping habits during Ramadan, Cevikoglu said, “There is a heavy traffic between iftar and sahur hours. Compared to other days, shopping and product searches increase by 50% during these hours. Shopping between these hours is generally for products such as electronics, cosmetics, clothing, and accessories.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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