German Port Company JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven Eyes Turkish Market for Expansion

JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven CEO Marc-Oliver Hauswald Highlights Turkiye’s Potential

Marc-Oliver Hauswald, CEO of JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven, the sole deep-water port connecting Germany to Mersin in Turkiye, expressed keen interest in the Turkish market, citing abundant opportunities for future growth. “Turkiye has excellent infrastructure and a skilled workforce,” Hauswald noted, emphasizing their strategic focus on the Turkish market amidst global supply chain shifts triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Logistics companies are realigning themselves to better serve customers amid these changes. Turkiye’s strengths in manufacturing and skilled labor, coupled with lower workforce costs compared to Europe and the US, present significant geographic advantages, attracting firms like JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven to explore new partnerships and business opportunities.

Hauswald also highlighted their plans to visit Turkiye soon, underscoring the country’s pivotal role in their expansion strategy post-pandemic. He acknowledged Turkiye as a promising market for both German and European trade, driven by its proximity and workforce quality.

JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven, situated at the heart of Germany’s freight transport hub, maintains its position as the country’s third-largest container port and the only deep-water facility, capable of accommodating the world’s largest container vessels at its 1725-meter quay terminal. Hauswald mentioned ongoing operations involving Turkish companies across various sectors within the port, signaling potential opportunities for collaboration.

The CEO emphasized the strategic importance of the Middle Corridor post-Russia-Ukraine conflict, highlighting their connections with Chinese logistics firms and ports. Looking ahead, Hauswald revealed plans to establish new routes with China next year, further enhancing their global connectivity.

Hauswald concluded by reaffirming JadeWeserPort Wilhelmshaven’s commitment to exploring opportunities in Turkiye, driven by the country’s promising future in global trade and logistics.

Source: AA / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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