Giant investment of ₺41 million in Kagithane with technological car park and indoor marketplace project

Kagithane Municipality laid the groundwork for the car park and indoor marketplace project, which will cost ₺41 million to the Gultepe-Telsizler region. Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya also attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

The foundation of the ‘Technological Parking Solutions’ and ‘Indoor Marketplaces’ project, promised by the Mayor of Kagithane Mevlut Oztekin before the election, was laid with a ceremony attended by the Governor of Istanbul, Ali Yerlikaya, in the Gultepe-Telesizler region. AK Party Istanbul Deputy Abdullah Guler, District Governor Mustafa Koc, AK Party Kagithane District President Serkan Canturk, mukhtars and council members were among those who attended the ceremony.

Gultepe-Telsizler Indoor Parking Lot and Pazaryeri will have a capacity of 440 vehicles. The parking lot will also serve as a covered marketplace with a capacity of 256 market stalls on certain days. The parking lot will also house indoor and outdoor sports fields, a library and green space. While the project greatly eases the traffic flow in the region, citizens will be able to do their shopping in a decent environment with the closed marketplace, instead of on the streets. The sports fields and the library in the project will also add value to the education and social life of the local youth. The total cost of the project is expected to reach ₺41 million.


Speaking at the ceremony, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said, “Our mayor works day and night to fulfill the promises he made to his fellow countrymen. There is a parking problem here, this problem will be solved by building a technological parking lot for 440 vehicles. Our ladies will be able to do their shopping in the closed market without being affected by the rain and cold. Our young people will benefit from the sports field. The light of our library will be on for 24 hours. Tea, soup, simit will be served. It has a magnificent architectural design. He brings this place to you with the money he has raised without borrowing or paying any interest and with the money he has saved for this purpose, namely your money. I congratulate our President and wish him continued success.”


Stating that they aim to complete the project and put it into service in September 2022, Kagithane Mayor Mevlut Oztekin said, “We have implemented more than half of our 53 projects that we promised to our citizens since the day we took office. We are already happy to bring such a great work to our Kagithane. Another project similar to the Gultepe-Telsizler Indoor Parking Lot and Marketplace project started in Hurriyet Neigbourhood. We will be holding the groundbreaking ceremony soon. Thus, we will have solved the traffic problem to a large extent in our district and we will provide decent environments for our citizens to shop with closed marketplaces.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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