Gold Prices Today: Gram and Quarter Gold Prices as of June 21, 2024

Investors Track Gold Prices Amid Expectations of Fed Interest Rate Cuts

As investors closely monitor the latest developments, gold prices continue to draw attention. Questions about the current rates of gram and quarter gold are on the rise. So, how are gold prices today? Here’s the latest update: On June 21, gold prepares to close its second consecutive week in the green, driven by strengthening expectations of interest rate cuts by the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed).

The price of an ounce of gold started the day with a 0.16% increase, reaching $2,364.

Both gram and quarter gold prices were influenced by movements in both the price of an ounce of gold and the USD/TRY exchange rate.

Gram gold traded around ₺2,491, while quarter gold changed hands at ₺4,070.

Recent data from the U.S. indicated a slowdown in economic activity in the second quarter, reinforcing expectations of Fed interest rate cuts.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the Dollar Index rose due to the accommodative stance of central banks. The Dollar Index, which measures the dollar against six major currencies, surpassed the 105 level.

The Swiss National Bank surprised markets by cutting interest rates yesterday. The Bank of England, on the other hand, signaled it may start cutting rates in August.

Source: NTV / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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