Google Pixel 6a tipped to move back to a May release date this year

We’ve already heard a fair bit about Google’s Pixel 6a, but it seems the phone is set to launch earlier than the past couple of models. According to a reliable tipster, Google’s Pixel 6a will see a release date sometime in May.

According to Max Jambor, a pretty reliable source with a good track record, the Pixel 6a is set to debut sometime in May 2022, pushing its release date much earlier than the past two Pixel a-series devices.

Google’s Pixel 4a debuted in August 2020, due to pandemic-related delays, and the Pixel 5a saw the same launch window alongside vastly limited availability. However, there is precedent for Google launching an a-series device in May, as that’s when the original Google Pixel 3a made its debut. In fact,that device was launched on stage at Google I/O, which seems feasible for Google to repeat with this new device.

The Google Pixel 6a is expected to pick up on what the Google Pixel 6 started, with a revamped design and the use of a Google Tensor chip with a lesser camera compared to the flagship models. This is also expected to be Google’s first budget device without a headphone jack.

Meanwhile, Google is also rumored to launch its first Pixel-branded smartwatch within this same window, according to another recent rumor from Jon Prosser. We also just reported on Google developing a new Chromecast device which is set to launch this year.


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