Google says its 2022 phones were its best selling devices ever

Will Google be able to maintain this momentum in 2023, though?

Google offered a great lineup of Pixel smartphones in 2022, with the Pixel 6a being a solid mid-range handset while the Pixel 7 series earned critical acclaim. In fact, the Pixel 7 Pro was the winner in both our Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice awards.

Now, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has confirmed during its Q4 2022 earnings call (h/t: Motley Fool) that the 2022 Pixel phone lineup did great numbers for the company:

This is a pretty notable achievement, as Google said a year ago that it set an all-time quarterly sales record for the Pixel line in Q4 2021 thanks to the Pixel 6 series. So the company is definitely building some momentum here.

It’s also interesting to note the company’s market share claims, but Google still only accounts for a tiny percentage in various markets. In fact,the company doesn’t crack the top five for global players, being relegated to “other” brands. Nevertheless, we’re keen to see what kind of share the Pixel maker can accrue in the likes of North America.

In saying so, Google and the rest of the smartphone industry might face major growth challenges in 2023. Smartphone shipments dropped by a massive 12% in 2022, according to Canalys, and the tracking firm forecasts a tough year ahead. So it might be a challenge for Google to maintain growth in 2023, even with the Pixel Fold expected to launch later this year.


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