Google starts rolling out Play Store Material You redesign, but it only scratches the surface

Google’s Material You rollout continues with the Play Store over the last 24 hours but this redesign is not too visually encompassing yet, while availability is currently quite limited.

The Play Store’s initial Material You redesign is limited to the four main homescreen feeds. It starts with a pill-shaped search bar that allows your profile avatar to slot in nicely. Just underneath, you’ll notice how the top tab indicator is no longer green (in the Games and Apps tabs), but rather hued with Dynamic Color like the field above. Lastly, the tall Material You bottom bar is leveraged with its own pill-shaped highlight.

From what users are seeing today, this is the extent of Material You and Dynamic Color in Google Play. There are no changes to app listings or the frequently-used “Manage apps & device” page. At the very least, we expected new button shapes throughout.

In one respect, the limited nature makes sense given how encompassing the Play Store is. However, nothing appears to have changed from what we enabled in late August. Further updates are likely coming,with the Wear OS Play Store much more modern and representative today.

This redesign is not yet widely available. If you go into Settings > About > Play Store version today, you’ll be prompted to download 27.4, but we’ve also seen reports of the new look on 27.3. As such, this is a server-side update that has only just begun. The Material You revamp for the Play Store will presumably finish before Android 12 launches on Pixel phones.


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