Heavy snowfall is coming to Istanbul, first snowfall will be in December

By the middle of winter, the weather began to cool. The date of snowfall in Istanbul has been determined. Climate Scientist Dr. Okan Bozyurt said that snowfall is expected from 18-19 December in Istanbul and that the air mass will remain for 4-5 days. Bozyurt, “We will see serious cooling and snowfall in the period between January 20 and February 10”

With the month of December, Turkiye came under the influence of cold and rainy weather. Climate Scientist Dr. Okan Bozyurt, who evaluated the winter in Istanbul as the La Nina winter, announced the date when it will snow in Istanbul.

According to the news of Posta, Bozyurt said, “In these days when we enter December, there is no sign of winter in December. In fact, the air temperature has increased even more on the contrary. Of course, this does not mean that the winter of 2022-2023 will be mild. I mentioned two dates in my previous predictions. One was the end of November, 28-29 November, another was 10-15 December. My predictions for November 28-29 were correct, the first snowfalls took place in many regions of Turkiye.”


Stating that his second prediction will come true with a delay, Bozyurt said, “There is a system that is expected to enter through the Balkans on 18 December. If there is no blockage again, if there is no obstacle, he will enter our country from the northern and western regions as of 18 December. On December 18-19, air temperatures will decrease by 10 to 12 degrees. We are expecting occasional snowfalls in the inner, eastern and northern parts of the country. In another statement, I said that I expected serious snowfall after 20 December. Some deviations may occur in nature, this is quite natural. This does not mean that the predictions were wrong.”


“Now the drought is over,” said Bozyurt, a climate expert, and added, “There is constant rain coming from behind. Due to the decrease in air temperature, in addition to these rains, snowfalls are added to the rains as of 18-19 December. The air mass that will come on December 18 will be effective for 4-5 days. There will be snowfall, especially in places where the continental climate prevails, and snowfall may also be effective in the high parts of Istanbul.”


Underlining the date when the real cold will come, Bozyurt said, “These rains will leave the country later, but we expect a serious cold system after the New Year. If you ask where the 2022-2023 winter will sign, we will see serious cooling and snowfall in the middle of January, that is, in the period between January 20 and February 10. These snowfalls will be effective both in coastal areas and inland areas. Especially in Istanbul and its surroundings, there may be serious snowfalls. Of course, these are estimates, changes may occur. Sometimes our predictions may not hold.”

Source: Dokuz8haber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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