Hedef Holding acquired the local online research company DORinsight for ₺10 million

DORinsight, the leading company of online research, took its place among the group companies of Hedef Holding, one of Turkiye’s leading investment groups, for ₺10 million. Having Turkiye’s first and largest online research panel, DORinsight will continue its rapid growth, which it has achieved by sharing its technology and experience with other research companies, within the body of Hedef Holding group companies.

Ideal Financial, one of the group companies of Hedef Holding, which is among the leading investment groups in Turkiye and contributes to the development of the financial sector with more than 20 group companies, 6 of which are publicly traded, under its umbrella, acquired DORinsight, which has Turkiye’s first and largest online research panel.

KAP: The agreement, which was also reported to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), was realized over ₺10,032,552 for all company shares.

Strengthens interaction between brands and target audience

Experienced name in the research industry, DORinsight serves industry players with the online research panel Napoleon, which has Turkiye’s first and largest database with permission. While research companies are able to reach fast and clear results through online research with the participation of 1.2 million consumers who were previously authorized by the Napoleon panel, they strengthen the interaction between brands and their target audiences.

Online access to 1.2 million people of all ages with Napoleon While Napoleon has signed successful projects with more than 400 brand collaborations and leading companies in the field since 2011, it also provides instant and online access to 1.2 million people of all ages, 42% of whom are women and 58% are men.

In his statement, Dr. Namik Kemal Gokalp, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hedef Holding and Chairman of the Board of Ideal Financial, said the following;

“As Hedef Holding, we are happy to include DORinsight among our group companies and to further expand our business network. Bringing the tradition of online research to the research industry, DORinsight offers the research industry the advantage of speed and a wide audience with its Napoleon panel. Napoleon, which we aim to be a new generation financial platform with the addition of FinTech solutions in the near future, will offer its users many innovations that can be advantageous in their daily lives. As Hedef Holding, we are very excited to support new generation initiatives with all our group companies and to accompany them on their journey. We will continue to continue our investments.”

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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