Hedef Yatirim invested in Rainbow Polycarbonate

Hedef Yatirim has announced that it has invested in Rainbow Polycarbonate, which works on polycarbonate technology.

Hedef Yatirim invested in Rainbow Polycarbonate, which manufactures and trades polycarbonate, polymer, plastic and similar products.

Hedef Yatirim, operating under the umbrella of Hedef Holding, primarily finance and technology, invests in sectors focused on fintech, software, real estate development, press and publishing, education, logistics, healthcare products for medical purposes, plastics and similar products development, SaaS, manufacturing and industry.

Rainbow Polycarbonate, which started its activities in 1995, works to increase the world-class product-service quality in the polypropylene sector. Considering factors such as initiative, cost and time, it develops economic products that are simple and have high design power and are resistant to all kinds of environmental conditions.

In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform by Hedef Yatirim Capital Investment Trust Inc., a subsidiary of Hedef Holding, it was stated that:

“At the Board of Directors Meeting of our company dated 21.11.2022 and numbered 38,

  • It has been decided unanimously. to make an additional venture investment in Rainbow Policarbonat Industry and Trade Inc. (RNPOL), which is engaged in the manufacture and trade of polycarbonate, polymer, plastic and similar products.
  • In this context;
  • 1- It was decided unanimously. to purchase a total of 2,300,000 shares, 1,737,500 from Fatih Mehmet Akbeyaz and 562,500 from Akgul Akbeyaz, at a price of ₺3,125,000.
  • 2- It was decided unanimously. to sign a venture investment contract with the controlling shareholders Fatih Mehmet Akbeyaz and Akgul Akbeyaz.

With this transaction, our shares/voting rights in the capital of Rainbow PolicarbonatIndustry and Trade Inc have increased from 3.33% to 11%.

With the agreement made, Hedef Yatirim purchased 7.67% of the shares/voting rights for ₺43,125,000.

Source: Egirisim / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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