Hepsiburada started to operate in Azerbaijan

E-commerce site Hepsiburada, which started to be traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange, where technology companies are traded in the USA, in July last year, continues its international expansions.

Reaching a large customer base in Turkey with 75 thousand active sellers, more than 90 million products and 39 million members, the brand has now started to operate in Azerbaijan.

Saying that the growth and expansion moves abroad will continue, Hepsiburada CEO Murat Emirdag said, “We define ourselves as a national jersey. Our aim is to create a regional success story before Turkey and then global.” Informing that they have started to receive orders from Azerbaijan, Emirdag said, “We can make new expansions to neighboring countries where Turkish culture is widespread.”

Source: Sabah / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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