Hey Scooter Integrates with MaaS Platform TRota, Pioneering Turkiye’s First Domestic Mobility Solution

Hey Scooter, a local micro-mobility initiative, partners with PTT Technology to integrate with TRota, Turkiye’s first national Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform.

Hey Scooter, a key player in environmentally friendly transportation in Turkiye, has signed a collaboration protocol with TRota, which will become Turkiye’s first domestic MaaS platform operated by PTT Technology. This partnership aims to provide access to Hey Scooter’s micro-mobility services through the TRota platform.

Under this protocol, integration between Hey Scooter, operating in more than seven cities across Turkiye, and TRota’s Mobility as a Service application will enable end-users to access Hey Scooter services via TRota. Users will be able to utilize TRota’s route planning and journey scheduling functions, alongside accessing Hey Scooter’s micro-mobility vehicles through the same interface.

TRota, developed with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure’s UDHAM Presidency, by the PTT Technology and Innova Consortium, aims to integrate various urban and intercity transport modes. It aims to offer citizens a planned, predictable, fast, and economical travel experience, encouraging public transport usage, reducing travel times, and providing planning, payment, and reservation features for different transport services through a single interface. TRota will soon commence operations initially in Konya and Bursa, offering integrated access to municipal transport vehicles provided by Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, as well as other contracted transport vehicles and services.

Hey Scooter, founded on September 26, 2020, aims to promote micro-mobility and offer eco-friendly transportation solutions in Turkiye. Since its inception, the company has quickly established a significant presence in the sector. As one of Turkiye’s first licensed firms contributing to the Electric Scooter Regulation implemented on April 14, 2021, Hey Scooter remains committed to delivering reliable and consistent services.

Source: Egirisim / Prepared by Irem Yildiz

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