Historical peak in Turkey’s exports to Germany

Turkey’s monthly exports to Germany in April reached an all-time high of $1 billion 832 million.

Continuing on its way with alternative markets in exports, Turkey continues to increase its export sales in existing markets as well.

Germany, Turkey’s locomotive market in exports, maintains its top position and also contributes to records in foreign sales.

Germany continued to be the market to which Turkey exports the most.

Turkey broke a monthly export record to Germany with $1 billion 832 million in April. Thus, Germany continued to be the market to which Turkey exports the most. Turkey’s exports to Germany increased by 20.8% in April compared to the same period of the previous year. Germany’s share in Turkey’s exports was 7.8%.

Germany was followed by the USA with $1 billion 530 million, the United Kingdom with $1 billion 107 million, Italy with $1 billion 12 million and Spain with $980 million 344 thousand.

Turkey’s exports increased by 50.2% to the USA, 13.2% to the United Kingdom, 23.3% to Italy and 31.8% to Spain.

Automotive industry was the most demanded sector

The automotive industry made the highest amount of exports to Germany last month with $395 million 856 thousand.

The automotive industry was followed by ready-made clothing and apparel with $352 million 868 thousand, ferrous and non-ferrous metals with $216 million 405 thousand, electricity and electronics with $140 million 271 thousand, and chemicals and products with $129 million 388 thousand.

The lowest exports to the country were tobacco with $730 thousand, other industrial products with $875 thousand, ship and yacht services with $1 million 65 thousand, ornamental plants and products with $1 million 854 thousand, olive and olive oil sectors with $4 million 427 thousand.

The highest increase in exports is in cement, glass, ceramics and soil products.

Cement, glass, ceramics and earthenware sector realized the highest increase in exports to Germany with 102.1%.

This sector was followed by mining products with 76.4%, ferrous and non-ferrous metals with 71.3%, ship and yacht services with 55.5%, and fresh fruit and vegetables with 51%.

Cement, glass, ceramics and soil products sector made $54 million 266 thousand, mining products $18 million 456 thousand, fresh fruit and vegetable sector $18 million 111 thousand worth export to Germany.

The sectors whose exports to Germany decreased the most were tobacco with 25.2%, hazelnuts and products with 14.7%, fishery products and animal products with 11.7%, carpet with 11.1% and jewelery with 10.9%.

To the German market, hazelnut and products exported $33 million 478 thousand, aquaculture and animal products $9 million 986 thousand, the carpet industry $12 million 668 thousand and the jewelery industry $12 million 709 thousand.

Source: Trthaber / Translated by Irem Yildiz

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