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How to Register your phone in Turkey? What are the taxes & limit durations for mobiles from abroad

New smartphones or used mobiles brought from abroad into Turkey can be used without registration for 120 days with Turkish sim cards, after 120 days the phone will be locked. Tax must be paid in order to keep the phone activated before the 120 days duration. where as if you are using the phone without local sim card; just connecting to a Wifi, surfing the internet, or with foreign sim card then phone will not be locked.

How to Find your mobile IMEI number

To register your mobile in Turkey you must have your phone’s IMEI number. to find out the 15 digit IMEI number of your phone, simply press the *#06# keys on your phone.

Different ways to Register your foreign purchased phone in Turkey

You can register your new phone through e-government channel or through Tax office, but remember to register or unblock your phone you have to do it before the 120 days period finishes. you have the right to register 1 phone from abroad on your passport once in 3 years

How to register your smartphone from the Turkish Tax office

You can register or unblock your foreign purchased phone from the local Turkish Tax Office, you have to apply in person. If you are going to apply personally from the Tax Office, you must have your T.C. (Turkish residency card) identity and your passport on which you entered the country, the phones IMEI number and the phone must be present. the tax officer will help you with remaining steps and will tell how much tax to pay. the tax is updated yearly.

Requirements to register your smartphone from the Turkish Tax office

  • T.C. (Turkish residency card) identity card
  • Passport with entry date
  • 15 digit IMEI number
  • Your Tax number
  • Tax amount 1.838 TL (2020 approximate)

How to register your smartphone from the Internet website or e-devlet app

You can register your smartphone that you brought from abroad from the internet https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/ or via e-devlet app. To have access to your e-Government website or e-devlet app you have to obtain a password from nearest branch of central post office (PTT).

After obtaining the password, login into the website or app and to Information Technologies and Communication Authority section and there you follow the user interface to register your phone using Tax number or T.C. (Turkish residency card) identity number. you also need a bank account to do the tax payment

Requirements to register your smartphone from the e-government website or e-devlet app

  • e-devlet or e-government password from PTT
  • T.C. (Turkish residency card) identity card
  • Passport with entry date
  • 15 digit IMEI number
  • Bank account to pay the Tax
  • Tax amount 1.838 TL (2020 approximate)

FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How many days I have to register the phone I brought from abroad?
120 days; you must register your phone within 120 days after you enter Turkey.

How do I find out the IMEI number of my phone?
To find out the IMEI number, simply press the * # 06 # keys on your phone.

How much is the registration Tax for international purchased phone?
Telephone brought from abroad tax are updated on yearly basis from the government and tax is 1,838.70 TL for the year 2020. (2020 approximate)

How many phones can I bring from abroad?
According to government decision, as of 2020, you have the right to purchase from abroad only 1 smartphone within 3 years.

If I am staying for short time in Turkey, should I register my mobile?
If you are staying less than 120 days in Turkey, you don’t have to register your mobile, you can use it up to 119 days.


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