Hyundai, Kia set to achieve record EV sales in Europe this year

Hyundai Motor and affiliate Kia are expected to see electric vehicle (EV) sales reach a record high in Europe this year, with each selling more than 200,000 eco-friendly cars in that market in 2022.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), Sunday, Kia sold 200,984 EVs in the European market as of the end of October. Kia sold 13,132 EVs in Europe in 2019, surpassing 10,000 vehicles sold per year for the first time, followed by 39,031 vehicles in 2020 and 63,419 automobiles last year.

By vehicle type, the Niro EV was the most popular in the European market with 121,852 cars sold, followed by the Soul EV and the EV6. Sales of the EV6 exceeded 30,000 about a year after its launch in September of last year, accounting for 39 percent of Kia’s EV sales in Europe.

The EV6 is widely recognized for its performance and marketability in Europe. It received the Car of the Year award in February, a first by a Korean automobile brand,beating out competitive foreign rivals.

Hyundai Motor exceeded 200,000 EV sales in Europe in April, six months ahead of Kia. As of October this year, the company’s cumulative EV sales in Europe reached 237,631 vehicles. The Kona EV was the best-selling EV at 145,144, followed by the IONIQ EV and the IONIQ 5.

The IONIQ 6, the most recently launched EV by Hyundai, is also receiving favorable responses, which has exceeded expectations in Europe. According to Hyundai Motor Europe, all 2,500 pre-orders of the IONIQ 6 First Edition have sold out in five countries: Germany, England, France, Norway and the Netherlands.

If this trend continues, Hyundai Motor Group is expected to record the highest number of EV sales in Europe this year.

Last year, Hyundai Motor and Kia’s combined EV sales in the European market were 135,408 vehicles. According to ACEA, the sales volume of both companies between January and October of this year increased by 13.6 percent compared to the same period last year.


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